Mountains In My Heart Cabins

Mena, AR

  • Logo Design
  • Visual Identity
  • Apparel Design
  • Website Design


We helped this rustic cabin destination represent their unique character through their brand identity.


Mountains In My Heart Cabins (MIMHC) offers a rustic cabin and ATV experience in the Ouachita National Forest in Mena, AR, just east of the Texas border. With six creeks running through the trail that leads you to cabins, a stay at Mountains In My Heart is about as secluded as you can get. During the discovery process of the project, we agreed that it was important to impart a very hand-crafted, almost primitive style to the visual identity. Since the main attraction of the area is the abundant, world-class ATV trails, hiking trails, and hunting spots, we also felt the identity needed exude a feeling of playfulness and adventure.


Through early logo exploration, it was clear that a heart shape would be very appropriate and achieve what we call an "ah-ha moment" as the consumer reads the name of the business. We tried several different ways of incorporating this shape, but ultimately the primitive script style felt the most distinctive and best matched the mood we were going for.

Mountains In My Heart Cabins logo Mountains In My Heart Cabins logo reversed

Mountains In My Heart Cabins logo system

The color palette was derived from the colors you'll see in the wilderness of Ouachita National Forest, with a focus on a deep, welcoming green and rustic, natural white. The headline typeface lends a whimsical look with it's chunky, hand-drawn strokes, and the body typeface counters that with a rough, industrial typewriter-like style.

Mountains In My Heart Cabins brand identity guide

To help establish MIMHC as a branded destination and extend the positive experience for guests, we created shirt designs featuring each of the three MIMHC cabins.

Bears Den cabin shirt Buckeye Lodge cabin shirt Squirrel's Nest cabin shirt We also helped MIMHC refresh their Squarespace website with a custom theme. View the full website here.


The Ouachita National Forest has its fair share of cabins and attractions, but all of them rely on the natural features of the area to attract customers — hiking, hunting, ATV trails, etc. By building the MIMHC around the owners and their unique relationship with that part of the forest, we were able to create a brand identity that stands out against other destinations in the area and represents the MIMHC experience.