Juice & Dirt Beverage Co.

Harrisburg, PA

  • Logo Design
  • Visual Identity
  • Messaging
  • Website Development
  • Stationery Design


With a curious name and a wealth of experience, Juice & Dirt came to us for a unique identity to help them break into the marketplace.


Leveraging their years of experience in the wines and spirits market, Juice & Dirt is a boutique beverage brokerage offering a higher caliber of wines and spirits to Pennsylvanians. Their name speaks to the hands-on relationship they maintain with their producers, a partnership guided by a simple love for the craft.

The objective with this project was to create an identity that helps Juice & Dirt stand out amidst other brokerages as a high-end, craft-focused partner in the wine and spirits industry. Because this craft requires such hands-on work coming from a place of passion and dedication, we felt an important aspect to represent in the brand identity was Juice & Dirt's experience in helping producers get the most out of their product and their business at an intimate level.


To represent this approach, we opted to strike a balance between a French-inspired, Art Deco style and a rustic, Victorian, “heritage” aesthetic that creates an earthy, elevated visual identity. This style is achieved through an entirely hand-lettered logo using condensed, medium-contrast letterforms and a Victorian layout. A bold, angular serif headline typeface was paired with a geometric sans-serif body typeface to highlight the desired contrast of rustic and elevated aesthetics. Multiple graphic treatments, textures, and colors were used to create a degree of depth and complexity for the brand, similar to the complex wines and spirits they work to support.

Juice & Dirt logo Juice & Dirt monogram

Juice & Dirt branding elements

Photo of Juice & Dirt stationery

Juice & Dirt brand identity guide Juice & Dirt brand identity guide Juice & Dirt brand identity guide


The result is a unique visual identity that sets Juice & Dirt apart from other Pennsylvania brokerages, instantly marking them as a capable contender in the market. Currently, we are also working with Juice & Dirt to develop a website that matches their powerful brand identity. Come back soon for an update!