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This agile air duct cleaning and mold remediation business is making waves in the home services industry with their unconventional logo.


As a new HVAC duct cleaning service, DuctGurus was seeking a bold, unique visual identity to squash the status quo and stand out amongst competitors in the home services market. With their unconventional name already chosen, we decided to go all in on their magical identity.


We focused on promoting the "magic" of their services — making neglected, underperforming air handling systems look like they were installed yesterday — reinforcing the theme of the brand's name and identity. We used graphics and treatments that represent an almost mystical quality, pairing those with custom lettering inspired by both Victorian and Art Nouveau styles and a vibrant, invigorating color palette.

DuctGurus logo on yellow DuctGurus logo on purple

We rounded out the visual identity with patterns and hand-lettered lockups that will be used on the brand’s website, vehicle graphics, apparel, and sales materials.

DuctGurus branding elements

DuctGurus brand identity guide DuctGurus brand identity guide

DuctGurus brand identity guide DuctGurus brand identity guide


DuctGurus is already gaining market share with their new brand identity, placing them at the forefront of consumers' minds when it comes to HVAC services. Currently, we're working on a high-converting website for DuctGurus to help their business grow even more. Come back soon for an update!