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The design studio of Michael Keesee

Design is a response to natural human instincts. Design communicates and articulates, delights and engages. So it's no wonder that it's been used as a powerful business tool for decades (maybe even centuries). This is what made me fall in love with design in the first place.

The more I put my design skills to use, the more I realized how my design thinking could be used to solve a larger breadth of business problems, like the positioning of a brand, it's messaging, marketing strategy, etc. I began to study all of the facets of a business and how branding could optimize each of those facets. At the time, I worked as a creative director for a large regional home remodeling brand, where I was able to soak up marketing and advertising knowledge and experience firsthand. Between this and my years of client work, I've gathered a whole spectrum of experiences in design, marketing, and business that allow me to better serve local Pennsylvania clients today.

At the core of what we do at Keesee Studio is connecting great local services and products with the people who need them. We do this by getting to know our clients' businesses intimately so we can accurately represent them through logo and brand identity design, website development, and their overall brand strategy, which attracts the right people in the right moments to optimize every consumer interaction. Because of my previous experience, I'm able to work on our client projects mostly as a sole proprietor, although I am able to bring on experts in copywriting, programming, media, and video if a project calls for it.

One of the values that persists within every person I work with at Keesee Studio is the importance of serving the local Pennsylvania economy. In fact, it's been my mission to help Pennsylvania small businesses in any way I can, and it turns out there's a huge need for brand-building among small businesses in the area. It's my belief that helping businesses with their branding boosts their bottom line, which strengthens the local economy and creates a more equitable community.