Do you have the right message?

If you’re a small business owner, you’ve probably spent money on things like signage, brochures, or advertisements.

But you probably didn’t see much of a return on those investments, right?
That’s because you didn’t start with your message.

Good logo + Good messaging = Happiness

(well... happy customers and happy employees, at least)

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Your logo needs a friend

A great logo is vital to the success of your business, but if there’s no message behind it, your logo won’t do much for you.

Every part of your brand's identity should stem from your message, the one thing you want to say to the world. That includes your logo, your advertising, your website, and every other place where you interact with your customers.

We solve problems.

We design brands for a purpose. That purpose isn’t just to create things that are nice to look at, but to solve specific problems for businesses.

Usually, this results in a powerful logo and roadmap to building a great brand, which is exactly what so many businesses need.

Do you have a brand emergency?

If you’re reading all this and thinking, “Oh no, I need a new logo and messaging STAT,” just write us a message telling us about your business and the problems you’re facing. We would love to help!

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Case Study

Gray House Dog Training

Content-focused dog training business, Gray House, sets out to match their amazing client results with their brand identity.

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